Learning, Creating & Expanding Dialogue

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Register for new courses offered Fall 2019. Taught by an award-winning performance artist, writer and college professor, these courses are offered as a fusing of the brands and So Our Youth Aspire (SOYA) Scholars Institute. For 10-weeks, students are engaged in multi-disciplinary instruction that encourages dialogue, discovery and skill-building. All courses are taught in Fort Washington, Maryland and are on-site courses. Certificates are awarded upon completion of 10-hours. Community building activities are implemented to encourage friendship building and teamwork. Instructor will provide student recommendation per request as appropriate. Students must have access to a computer and web access to complete assignments outside of class.

Register for one course: $100  | Register for two courses $175 | Register for three course $250| Register for four courses $325 | Inquire about $50 family discount for families with more than two children