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African American Literature- This course included an overview of classic texts written by Alice Walker, Ntozake Shange, Ralph Ellison and Toni Morrison. Literature-based assignments revolve around character analysis, creative themes and connection to social themes. This course is taught in collaboration with the Intro to Online Content Creation course.

Algebra I- Cheverly STEM Academy- This course develops algebra concepts and skills, including: variables in equations, functions, real numbers, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, factoring, rational expressions, graphing and radicals.  

Botany- This course focused on the life cycle, reproductive, and anatomical characteristics of plants. Student outcomes included basic knowledge of plant physiology, plant ecology, and ethnobotany as demonstrated by personal plant care and maintenance over the course of the year.

Chemistry- Cheverly STEM Academy- This class explores basic laws of nature, focusing on the composition and structure of materials and the changes they undergo. Topics include classification of matter, atoms and atomic structure, molecules and chemical change and types of chemical reactions. The focus of the class is on helping students build explanations and class discussions will be central.

Intro to American Sign Language-  This course is designed to give students a language foundation in ASL.  The course includes: the origins of the language; the alphabet and finger-spelling; colors; animals; foods and drinks; family signs; feelings; professions; verbs and key nouns. At the end of the course, students are able to demonstrate to create a personal biography via ASL. 

Intro to Online Content Creation- In this course, the student learned the dynamics of online creation. Literature reviews from the African American Literature course were crafted for publishing on the website The student also created music and film reviews for online publishing, developing a portfolio of developed work.

Intro to Sociology- Cheverly STEM Academy- Introduction to Sociology examines the trends in which people interact with each other in society and the ways these patterns impact individuals.

Trigonometry- This course provided an overview of basic trigonomic functions and their graphs, identities, equations and inverse functions. Practice including solving problems involving right and oblique triangles.

US History- This course offers a comprehensive overview of the history of the United States, beginning with indigenous presence, the era of continental exploration, enslavement and the signature revolutions that have resulted in the formation and continued existence of the US as a sovereign nation.